Love it or hate it, Eurovision is here once again and if you’re throwing a little get together here are a couple of ideas for nibbles or dishes to serve on the night. A lot of these dishes are completely new to me and I’ve simply come across them while looking for ideas myself!

I haven’t covered all of the countries (26?) countries in the final this year but have picked out a couple of recipes I thought looked interesting.




Karelian pasty.

Traditionally these pasties were made using a thin rye crust and a filling of rice. Butter mixed with boiled egg is then spread over the hot pasties before eating.

Check out the recipe –



The Spanish omelette –  cut it into cubes and serve with cocktail sticks as a tapas style dish

Check out Delia’s recipe –




This looks like it would work great as a little starter. It consists of a hollowed out raw tomato filled with little grey shrimp and mayonnaise.

Looks good and sounds easy –




This bread is usually reserved for special occasions (which of course Eurovision IS). Kringel is a beautiful looking sweetbread traditionally made with cardamom or saffron and raisins and made into a pretzel shape.



Deviled Eggs with a “standard” I’m told, mustard, mayonnaise and liver pate filling.

Check out this recipe and fancy presentation –



Chicken Paprikash with Nokedli noodles

I don’t think I’ve ever tried anything like these “Nokedli” but they look great. Here’s a recipe  for the dish which calls for Hungarian Paprika (apparently it’s stronger in aroma and colour)  -

Dobos Cake

Or if you fancy something sweet the “Dobos Cake” looks amazing. A 5 (although I’ve  seen 7) Chocolate buttercream layered sponge cake topped with a thin caramel slice.

Here’s a recipe if you can stop drooling long enough to make it:



Although I’d argue you could serve sushi at this point as the Russians in St. Petersburg seemed to eat more of it than anything else around, it instead has to be a favourite; Pelmeni. It seems most countries around the world lay claim to some version or another of the dumpling but who cares – they are addictive little savoury  parcels what ever you call them.

Here’s a really good step by step guide to making them  –



Aioli with bread and olives

Here’s how to make Aioli it and a little info about the garlicky goodness

Missing a country?

Check out the BBC Food site where they have put together a little list of their own -

I’m yet to try any of these recipes out for myself but if you have let us know how you got on. If you have a particularly good recipe for any of the dishes above or any dishes which should be on the list be sure to leave a comment!